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City Council and Leadership:

City Council and Leadership are jobs in which students learn how to be effective leaders and facilitators of various activities at City School. These activities include running the day-to-day operations of the “City”: running all school activities, our new students FLASH mentor program, assemblies and meetings; organizing fun nights, carnivals, and fundraisers; and communicating with students and staff about upcoming events. Overall our goal is to make City School an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. There are five positions on our City Council and each of them works with a staff of three to four leadership employees during Cityscape.

  1. Mayor- City School’s executive leader and spokesperson, representing the entire City School population.
  2. City Ambassador- City School’s promoter who gets the word out about our school to the outside community.
  3. Activities Director- City School’s fun liaison, creator of entertaining and engaging events events with activities that make City School enjoyable for everyone.
  4. Public Relations Director- City School’s marketer, getting the word out about the events and happening of our school.
  5. City Managers- City Schools maintenance and operations administrator, making sure “the City” runs effectively and efficiently.