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Robotics and Engineering

Lego Robotics:

Lego Robotics is a enjoyable job for those who like to create and build Small scale robots and learn more about technology. New employees get level 1 pay and returning get level 2. In the first trimester, we focus on building with Legos and then testing them with provided objects. In the second trimester, we focus on computer programming and website building. In the third trimester, we work with 3D printing. This ob is great for students who would like to use their creativity and learn new skills in order to learn more about areas of technology and engineering to learn more about areas of technology and engineering.We take students with little to know experience because our managers give students the chance to learn all types of new things. We also look for students who are diligent workers and are passionate about what they're learning. The qualities we encourage? Look for? as we are working with our employees is respect, responsibility, goal-oriented, motivated, trustworthy, and reliable. In general, we want our job to be fun and engaging for our employees so we can have a great component!