West Valley City School

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The Courthouse provides an accountability system for the students at City School.  If a student breaks the respect rule, a ticket is written by the police department or a teacher for the infraction.  There are 3 levels of tickets: level 1 is a warning for minor infractions such as running in the halls, annoying someone or littering.  Level 2 is an infraction that deserves more than a warning, but does not cause harm to students or property. Examples of a level 2 infraction include verbal fights/arguments, name calling, and improper use of electronics.  Level 3 is the most serious level of infractions, and these include physical fighting, blatant disrespect and intentional cussing.

Once a ticket is written, the accused has the right to fight it in court if they believe they are innocent or want to explain the circumstances, or they can plead guilty and pay the fine.  If a student wants to fight the ticket, a prosecution and defense attorney is assigned and a court date is set. At the appointed court date, both sides are heard and a verdict is handed down.

The positions in Courthouse include 2 judges, 3 prosecuting and 3 defense attorneys, and 2 bailiffs.