About City School



In 1998, City School opened its doors and 100 students enrolled seeking a new type of education.  Today, we house 170 students in grades 5-8 from across Spokane County.

  • Our school focuses on experiential learning, teaching students the skills they need to solve real-life problems.
  • We believe students deserve respect, challenging classes, and the freedom to make their own choices.
  • We value creativity, community, and personal responsibility.
  • We focus on getting to know our students, providing opportunities to try new things, and helping students figure out who they want to be.

How did City School start?

West Valley’s School Board of Directors, Dr. David Smith (West Valley’s Superintendent at the time), and Larry Bush (City School’s original principal) determined in the spring of 1998 that a non-traditional grade 5-8 school was needed in our community. Larry Bush led a team of teachers and created a school using an experiential learning model. The school’s goal was to provide a challenging integrated curriculum for all students, with an emphasis on Project-Based Learning. Students from the greater Spokane area were welcomed. The district purchased a bank building and converted it into a school based on high academic standards through a hands-on learning model. Dr. Smith named it ... West Valley City School.  


What is City School’s Mission?

West Valley City School fosters relationships and real-world skills for students to be passionate, innovative learners.


What is the Student Contract?

Students attending City School sign a contract prior to being admitted. The contract serves as an agreement between the school, home, and student.

Students pledge to:

▶ show respect for self, others, and property.

▶ set, monitor and evaluate personal and academic goals.

▶ work to the best of their abilities in all areas.

▶ complete and turn-in daily school work and homework as assigned by teachers.

▶ complete and turn in a job application packet.

▶ participate as a student employee throughout the school year during CityEscape.

This contract is kept on file in the West Valley City School office and a copy is given to the student. The contract is evaluated with the student during the school year.


Top 10 Coolest Things About City School

  1. Students work at jobs and practice for real life.
  2. Students get to run a city.
  3. Students work at their own level
  4. Community Days allow the students to help out in the community
  5. Student store gives you opportunities to spend your hard-earned money
  6. Being treated as an equal
  7. students get to know other students across all grade levels.
  8. Teachers - all they teach and the trust they show their students
  9. Having different Flex Classes
  10. Students choose their Project topics