West Valley City School

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City School is now accepting applications for the 2021 school year! Find the link under the tab "West Valley City  School" then, "Admissions"

Staff Directory



Last Name    First Name    Title    Email
Andres     Dusty     Principal    email
Dompier     Megan    Head Secretary    email
Mitchell   Sadie    Building Secretary   email


Last Name    First Name    Title     Email   
 Adams    John    Teacher   7/8 History   email  
 Frank    Liz    Teacher   7/8 Science   email  
 Hamm    Nicholas    Teacher   5/6 Science   email  
 Johnson    Jeff    Teacher   5/6  Math/History   email  
 Osborne    Kelli    Teacher   7/8 Language Arts   email  
 Pooler    Maggie    Teacher   7/8 Math   email  
 Roderick    Sammy    Teacher   5/6 Language Arts/History   email  
 Noble    Debra    Counselor & Behavior Intervention Specialist   email  
 Whitney    MaryAnn    Paraeducator   email  
 Engstrom    Steve    Head Custodian   email  
 Bodey    Joe     Custodian   email  
 Lochton    Tamara    Kitchen Manager   email  
Attendance Hotline (509) 340-7129