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What is CityEscape?

Students focus on academic subjects throughout the school day, and the last
hour of each day is CityEscape. During CityEscape, students and teachers work
together, creating a city that is reflective of the community outside the school.
Student managers, grades 6 through 8, oversee the operation of the city.
Students have jobs and are paid City currency. Through this interactive
approach, students come to understand the socio-economic and political forces
affecting society. They gain experience with a free market economy, taxes,
technology, unemployment, and community concerns. Students practice skills
they will need to be productive citizens.

CityEscape process:
  •  Students create a job packet to apply for their job of choice. Job packets
    include a letter of interest, a resume, a written job application, and 2 letters
    of recommendation
  • Student managers interview prospective employees, and select the most
    qualified applicants
  •  Students who are not hired in the first round interview for positions that are
    still available, until everyone is hired
  • On the job training lasts for one week
  • Student pay is directly deposited into their bank accounts, and students
    must pay weekly taxes out of their account
  • Students are evaluated by their managers twice a trimester