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Aquaculture is a job where students focus on working with aquatic and reptilian animals. Employees conduct research and gain knowledge about animal rescue, marine biology, wildlife education and conservation. Before handling the animals, students research the best habitat, climate and nutrition so the animals can live a happy and healthy life. In this component, reptile employees are able to choose to take care of Bearded Dragons, African Fat-Tailed Leopard Geckos, Chinese Water Dragons, African Side Necked, Red-Eared Sliders Turtles, and Tortoises. During the work day, reptilian employee duties consist of feeding the animals throughout the day, bathing them, washing their cages and taking care of their daily needs. Aquatic employees take care of the koi and goldfish tanks, cleaning the tanks when needed and feeding them. The Aquaculture component is also heavily invested in helping restock local lakes with native fish species. Every year, the component acquires Rainbow, Eastern Brook, and Tiger trout eggs, along with Kokanee salmon eggs. They take care of them while they hatch and grow, then release them into local lakes in the spring.