West Valley City School

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Flex/Team/City Days


Flex is what we call the first class of the day at City School.  These classes are exploratory classes and students can choose a class based on interest.  Classes change every 5 weeks, so students are able to experience up to 6 classes in a year. Flex classes are taught by different teachers from the district, in addition to community and parent volunteers.  Some examples of Flex classes are P.E., Art, Music, Board Games, Cooking, Life Skills, Zumba, Knitting, Spanish, and Academic Support .


What Is team?  Team is a class that stands for “Together Everyone Achieves More.”  Team time is the foundation for building relationships between students and with their Team Leader.  This is a half an hour each day to connect to your teammates, work with your team leader, and check your assignments to make sure you have everything in. Team Leaders are mindful in planning activities and games that allow kids to connect with each other and feel socially secure during the school day.



Community Days:

Community Days were created to help foster strong relationships with the outside community.  Our students are passionate about making a difference in the community and sometimes there just isn’t enough time during the school day to do it right.  Each team adopts a community agency and/or issue and takes months to create a plan to help that agency or make a difference with a social issue. On Community Days, the Teams get to go out in the community and make a difference.

Application Week:

Our core academic classes are broken up into 5 week sections.  The first 4 weeks are designed for instruction and research. The 5th week is what we call Application Week.  During that week, students only have one academic class each day, meaning if they have Science that day, they have it all day.  This gives each curricular area the opportunity to take students out into the community to APPLY the knowledge they have acquired in the past 4 weeks.  Examples of Application Day include taking students rock climbing after spending the past 4 weeks learning about the muscular and skeletal systems in Science.  Students would then report back on how the two systems worked together as they were attempting to climb. Fun, but very educational!