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Thursday Letter

Here's an update from Math too!

Math World!

5th Graders: Have been reviewing all place value concepts and rounding. They are learning about exponents and will get into PEMDAS within the next couple of weeks.

6th Graders: Have been working through 2D shapes for solving for areas. They are learning about surface area and will get into volume within the next couple of weeks.

7th Graders: Have moved on from scaling figures and are learning about the constant of proportionality.

8th Graders: In Savanah’s class- have been learning about transformations- translations, rotations and reflections and will get into dilations and slope within the next couple of weeks. In Marla’s class-have been learning about dilations, scale factoring and slope.

Algebra: Is continuing on to Chapter 2-Solving Linear Equations.



We will be going to Wagstaff Inc. to learn about Engineering in the real world J Please be signing permission slip forms to be able to go on the field trip next week.

Math On!

Savanah and Marla