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School Returns Full-TIme In Person April 19th!

Hello City School Families,

In the last week, the governor and department of health have decreased the distancing requirements for schools and therefore we will be able to bring all students back to in-person learning. This does not mean everything is returning to normal as we still have to be strict about 3’ distancing, masks, and other protocols, but it does allow us to see our students on a more regular basis. The new allowances are contingent upon factors such as community case numbers, so please continue to be vigilant about mitigation factors when out in public. 

Not all families are comfortable with sending students back to the physical classroom so there is still a need for virtual learning as well. With a classroom of 25+ students, teachers will need to focus their class time on the in-person students. Additionally, asking students to join a virtual classroom all day, every day is unreasonable. Therefore, starting April 19, West Valley City School will be conducting in-person instruction Monday through Thursday, from 8:50-2:10, similar to what we’ve been doing. Fridays will now be used for teachers to connect with their Teams, virtually, and to prepare for meeting the needs of virtual students, so there will be no in-person learning on Fridays.

Families will now have to make the choice of virtual or in-person learning. There will not be the opportunity for students to virtually join a class in session because that will no longer be happening. Only students who are staying virtual permanently, or those who are quarantining, will be considered virtual students. Students who are not virtual must attend school unless excused for sickness or other legitimate parental reasons. Below is a summary for those families deciding to stay virtual.

Virtual Students:

  • Students will engage in a more traditional virtual school model by engaging in content and classes asynchronously (no live classes). 

  • Students will not attend LIVE virtual classes throughout the week. Daily attendance notifications will not be sent home. 

  • Students will have access to their week’s work in each Google Classroom by 8am Monday morning. Recorded lectures, direct instruction, assessments, and quizzes may be posted throughout the week.

  • All assignments for virtual learners will be due Sunday by 11:59pm.

  • Virtual students will be expected to turn in assignments, complete lessons and practice, communicate with their teachers, and reach out if they need assistance.

  • Students can request direct support from their teachers by scheduling a one on one virtual meeting between 2:40 - 3:10 pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or from 9:30-10:30 on Friday. 

  • Virtual students will now be monitored by their weekly progress. Weekly progress is measured by completion of assignments, tests, other activities, and 2-way communication with the teacher. If a student is not making weekly progress, the teachers will call home to alert the student/parent/guardian. 


Thank you all for your help in transitioning during this difficult time.



Dustin Andres, Principal

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