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Media and Marketing

Media & Marketing

Media & Marketing is split into 3 different sections including awards, brochure & merchandise and last but not least, website!


This year in our job component the students/employees will be creating the awards templates for our all school awards. This  job requires students who can use creativity and uniqueness to design unique templates. In this category, we need students to be able to stay focused and be on task. These awards will  be given throughout the year, and may need to be updated regularly. The awards are in recognition for student’s hard work, so we are looking for employees that can create original award templates.

Brochures & Merchandise:

In this section of the job we will be focusing on marketing our school to our community. We will be making packets and brochures to hand out to the public so others can get a better understanding of how our school works and runs. Most of our merchandise logos are designed by the great artists of students at our school! The merchandise includes sweatshirts, shirts, water bottles and more! We will also be handing out brochures to other schools and at teacher conferences to show the purpose of what we have been doing to make our school a success!


There are many improvements and information on our website that  have been fixed and updated! We also have many ideas to add into our creative, but realistic website, such as how we connect and cooperate with Centennial and their Sports Program,  explain more about the opportunities our in school like the Sage Award and what a Project Based Learning Environment is all about.

We are happy to have new students apply and join our component! Our employees typically  receive a level 2 pay. If you are interested in advertising, taking pictures, or working with technology we recommend interviewing for a position!