West Valley City School

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Character Development and Community Outreach

Character Development and Outreach:


Our job is separated into two different departments, working together to accomplish one goal. We mainly focus on planning for activities and helping with fundraisers and drives for our school.


Character Development: Employees who work in the Character Development department work on planning activities, Mix it Up Team time, making posters, handouts, etc. for everyone at the school. The main focus is for our employees to help work on a different character trait each month so that our learning environment can improve. We plan interactive activities for our Team time to help our students learn about and practice different character traits each month.


Outreach: In the Outreach department our employees are involved in partnering with the Community Garden, Second Harvest Food Bank, and the Bite To Go program to help our students and the West Valley community access community resources. Our component can possibly last for more than one trimester depending on what we are focusing on, so we are looking for students who are dedicated to their work.